Welcome to Blue Marble, Inc.  We offer computer repair, network support, and many other technology services to home users and businesses of all sizes and shapes. Blue Marble also provides support for many non-profit companies and can help you save money without cutting corners.

By combining Cloud based services with traditional on site products we can build a reliable, cost effective solution to fit your needs without exceeding your budget. And, since we are a small business the products and services we recommend are things we use ourselves. We believe in providing solutions we believe in, not solutions we can bank on.

We also provide services to companies near and far through remote support. By reducing the need for on site services we can lower the costs related to managing your computer and network equipment. And, we can perform many time consuming maintenance tasks after hours when the process is less disruptive to your day to day operations.

We carry used and refurbished equipment for sale and can generally replace an older computer with a much newer, faster Windows 7 computer for about half of what a new one would cost. Blue Marble Inc is a member of the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program and can also upgrade your good computer to Windows 7 at a discounted rate if the computer is powerful enough. If you would like more information please visit our Contact Us page for our email address and phone number.

Ask how Blue Marble can help keep your home computers or business environment running at its very best.