Welcome to the website for Blue Marble Inc. We specialize in technology support for business, home office, and home computers and networking environments.

At Blue Marble we know that customer support is as important as tech know-how. We know how frustrating it is to attempt to work with a tech support representative who is rude or impatient, or who you cannot understand.

We strive to provide the reasonably priced, reliable, and personable support for all of your technology needs. We currently support a variety of businesses as small as a single computer configured as a point of sale, and as large as 300 employees.

For more information please check out our list of customer industries and applications, as well as the other parts of the site. Our General Info section contains information that is intended to help protect you from virus infections and to keep your computer, or network, running at it’s best.

Let us know how we can help you on the path to success!