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Comcast Finally Steps Up

After navigating the most unbelievable rabbit hole of disturbingly inept customer service for weeks, and one FULL WEEK without internet at all, I was finally able to get through to someone at a higher tier who had much more interest in resolving my problems. The biggest issue is that I had to call a friend who had a connection through the business side of Comcast’s internet services to get that number. I didn’t know he had something that would…


And…. still no Comcast Internet.

Still no Comcast Internet access at the Kennel or house. The fourth tech in 10 days has now come out and supposedly the ticket has been escalated to “Maintenance”, whatever that means, but I have heard nothing at all since. The tech verified that the issue is not in my house. He did re-provision my modem (which is the third modem that’s been installed) Monday afternoon and my connection did come up, but it went back down again after…


Comcast Internet and Non-Existent Customer Service

5 months now. 5 months without a reliable internet connection. The amazing thing is that I’m paying almost $300 a month for Internet access, TV, and a home phone we don’t even use any more. I keep thinking I should hook a phone back up but I just never get around to it. 5 months since my Comcast connection was something I could count on. And now, in the last month it’s become even less reliable. It’s worse than…


Backup, Backup, Backup

It is impossible to harp on this subject enough. Backing up your computer, or your content in a business setting, is so critical to survival now that it cannot be discussed too much. The virus and hacker threats on the Internet are getting worse every day and no security product on the planet can protect your company data completely from loss or corruption. The only way to keep data loss from disrupting your company’s operations, or from causing damage…


Pop Ups and the Killer Click

Pop up messages are becoming more and more common every day, carrying dire warnings about updating some software on your computer such as Firefox or Chrome, or more often “alerting” you that you absolutely must update Flash, Java, or Silverlight. The majority of these messages are fake and are trying to get you to click on the pop up window to either visit a page or worse – to launch a virus. The bugs that are launched are usually…


Meet the new boss, NOT the same as the old boss…

Ransomware continues to be the number one subject in the tech support world. The changes in tactics and virus construction make Ransomware one of the most destructive and expensive computer or technical problems today. Although many computer virus outbreaks have been challenging to deal with, ransomware and the way if operates is a whole new can of worms. There are very limited resources available in the fight to protect your data. Education is the most important; it is critical…