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Below are links to the most common updates. These are the links to the products that are being used to generate fake update notices through pop-ups and fake web pages. You can also find instructional booklets by visiting our Free Library page. You will find instructions and information on recognizing fake pop-ups and warnings, installing updates and apps without including extra, unwanted junk, and more.

Please sign up for our Premium Membership to access links to many products that we use recommend, and use ourselves. You’ll find links to the best free and paid virus scanners and instructional booklets on how to use them. You will also find helpful information on subjects like setting up a new Gmail, Outlook.com, or Yahoo email account, keeping your computer’s performance at it’s best, and removing common infections. Your membership keeps our servers running so we can continue to offer this service.

Common Product Updates –

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Adobe Reader

Adobe Flash

Adobe Shockwave

Google Chrome


Mozilla Firefox – Update

Mozilla Firefox – New Installation