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Membership Plans

At Blue Marble Tech Support, our goal is to keep your computer running at its best while protecting you from Internet threats and data loss, all at a reasonable price.

Click on the Home and Business Plan links above for subscription details.

So many computer problems are avoidable these days, with some regular maintenance, a close watch on your computer’s security settings, and a cautious approach to Internet use and incoming email.

In other words, with some proactive steps, you can avoid expensive, reactive repairs. A little monthly maintenance can prevent many of the issues that cause data loss or computer software failures.

However, most people don’t know what’s necessary to prevent infection, corruption, data loss, or identity theft. Worse yet, they don’t know who to call for help either.

That’s where we come in.

As a group of experienced Help Desk Agents, Network Engineers, and Systems Administrators, our business depends on being fair, trustworthy, and reliable while delivering the best support solutions possible.

That’s why we created our Blue Marble Tech Support Membership Plans. To provide a better method of caring for the safety, security, and performance of your computer, and your personal or business data.

Blue Marble Home and Business Tech Support Membership Plans include:

Clear Browser CachesRemove Unwanted ExtensionsCheck Browser Plugins
Remove Unwanted PC/Mac AppsRemove Incompatible AppsUpdate Existing Apps
Clear Windows Temp and JunkUpdate and Verify SecurityCheck Firewall Settings
Verify Windows UpdatesManually Install UpdatesForce Windows Updates
Kill Unwanted PopupsRemove Annoying NotificationsDefrag or Optimize Drive
Improve PerformanceAdjust Settings when NeededBe Your Help Desk!

All that, every month.

Click the links below to visit our Tech Support Membership Plans page for more information, or to choose the option that best meets your needs. If you’re not sure what to select, just reach out and we’ll help you make the right choice. Even if that means picking no plan at all.

Contact the Blue Marble team today and let us help you choose the right plan for you.