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Business Support Plans

Blue Marble Support Plans are designed to protect our customer’s office computers from infections, failures, performance problems, data loss, and configuration issues through regular monthly maintenance tasks performed by our experienced staff of PC support technicians.

Although our Tech Support Plan memberships are not mandatory, the benefits are invaluable. Instead of paying to recover the use of your computer and possibly lost data from a computer crash, our subscriptions provide ongoing protection to keep your computer running and protect you from data loss.

Please select the Tech Support Plan membership option below that best fits your needs. If you would like any further information or to discuss which option is right for you, please visit the Contact page.

What’s Included in Monthly Maintenance?

Clear Browser CachesRemove Unwanted ExtensionsCheck Browser Plugins
Remove Unwanted PC/Mac AppsRemove Incompatible AppsUpdate Existing Apps
Clear Windows Temp and JunkUpdate and Verify SecurityCheck Firewall Settings
Verify Windows UpdatesManually Install Updates Force Windows Updates
Kill Unwanted PopupsRemove Annoying NotificationsDefrag or Optimize Drive
Improve PerformanceAdjust Settings when NeededBe Your Help Desk!

Yup. You get all that.

By the way –

Our clients are not required to sign up for a Support Membership. Our plans are not required for Blue Marble clients.
We still provide as-needed repairs for many of our home and business clients with minimal needs.
However, for non-subscription clients, all phone and email support incidents include a $29 minimum charge. 
Also, any necessary support or repairs requiring remote access includes a $49 minimum rate.
Onsite and remote support and repairs and maintenance are invoiced at $125 for the first hour and $95 per hour after that. 

Blue Marble, Inc supports our local non-profit organizations with reduced rates for any group with a mission and vision that directly impacts our local community. Please ask if your organization qualifies for our reduced support subscription costs and hourly rates.

For our Home/Business Hybrid Support Plan, please click the button below.For our Business Support Flex Plan, click the button below and enter the proposed amount

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