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Blue Marble provides common services to home and small business computer users including hardware repair, virus and spyware (malware) removal, software installation, network support, and more.

All of our services are available on an “as needed” basis. However, for the best value, we recommend joining one of our monthly Tech Support Membership programs.

We also offer individual, or ALa Carte subscription services that complement our membership plans. Please see the list below –

Home or Small Business Backup for Single or Multiple Computers – We offer several monthly subscription options for small business and home user needs.

Based on total data storage needs – Please call for Pricing

Limited and unlimited plans available

WordPress Small Business or Personal Website Construction– Includes GoDaddy or Bluehost account setup, domain name purchase, hosting account setup, website construction with 6 to 8 pages and 10 royalty-free photos.

$999 – 6 to 8 pages – site’s owner supplies all written content

$1599 – 6 to 8 pages – written content researched and created by Blue Marble

Monthly Maintenance for WordPress Websites – Includes image, text, or other content changes each month. Does NOT include structural changes, Blog Posting, or Social Media Management. *See note below

$29 per month for three image, text, or other content updates.

Plans are available for a higher number of changes per month.

***Blog posting, social media management, podcast, and video creation services are available through one of our local partners. Please visit http://ChuckWarren.com for information.

Contact us for more information, to resolve your computer or networking issue, and to discuss whether or not one of our Tech Support Maintenance Plans is right for you or your business.

Blue Marble Tech Support – Your Data is Safe with Us!