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Welcome Aboard!

Thank you for becoming a member here at Blue Marble Tech Support.

We are committed to making your computer easier to use, safer, and faster. Our proprietary proactive maintenance approach to computer support will dramatically reduce the need for costly repairs, help prevent data loss, and so much more.

Now that you’re here, you’ll need this stuff

You are entitled to free tech support as long as you are an active member. Got a question about something on your screen? Don’t click it – call us, text us, or email us.

Need advice on a new product, computer, or some software? Call us, text us, or email us.

Think you have a virus, or your computer is misbehaving in some way? Call, text, or email.

Along with the regular maintenance you’ll receive every month, you have access to your very own Help Desk.

Whatever you need, we’re here.

The contact info you need is below.

For Email – visit our Contact page or email directly at info@bluemarbleonline.com – please allow us a little time to answer. We try to reply within 60 minutes but sometimes it’s impossible. If you have not heard back or it’s an emergency, please text or call next.

For Text – Please reach out to 616-499-4423 with your issues. We will always try to return your text within 60 minutes but sometimes it doesn’t happen. If you have an emergency and can’t wait any longer, please call.

For Calls – Please give us a ring at 616-499-4423 and let us know what you need. Please remember – we are getting as many stupid spam calls as you are so please understand that we may let a new client’s call go to Voicemail the first few times.

If you have not heard back and really need to soon, just call us again.

We look forward to supporting you and your computer!

Please Schedule your Setup Session for Remote Support right away –

Click the link below to set up an appointment with our techs to configure your remote maintenance and support options. We only need about 15 minutes of your time, after that – we can do everything without bugging you. Well, almost everything.

Schedule a Setup Session

Some IMPORTANT things to know –

We CAN NOT AND WILL NEVER connect to your computer and see your screen or data without your knowledge. And, we will ALWAYS ask your permission first anyway.

Except – the maintenance programs we run at night. They run automatically whether we are connected or not. However, we cannot see any of your data or history when they run, it is completely anonymous and your personal use and info is safe from anyone’s eyes.

Here are some links to the Remote Support Tools we use to maintain and repair your computer. We will need you to install one or two but wait for your technician to help with that. Thanks!

Thanks again and Welcome Aboard! Any questions or feedback, just give us a call!