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And… another misleading post on Ransomware.

TechRepublic can be a great source for information. And then, sometimes it’s not. Today it is not. Here is my response to an article claiming there were solutions to prevent ransomware and decrypt a drive if you do get hit – both of which are about 90% untrue. There are tools but they will almost certainly not help you. And there is no way to prevent infection except to never click on a link or visit an infected website….


Malwarebytes Gets it Wrong

As an IT professional I can tell you that, although Malwarebytes is one of my favorite tools and most recommended options for security, this article is a bit misleading. I have been up against the very worst case scenario of ransomware once, and in total I’ve battled with it 11 times. That’s not counting the FBI screenlocker instances. The bottom line is, and Malwarebytes confirms this in other articles, there is NO WAY to prevent it. You can avoid…


Comcast Finally Steps Up

After navigating the most unbelievable rabbit hole of disturbingly inept customer service for weeks, and one FULL WEEK without internet at all, I was finally able to get through to someone at a higher tier who had much more interest in resolving my problems. The biggest issue is that I had to call a friend who had a connection through the business side of Comcast’s internet services to get that number. I didn’t know he had something that would…