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Cloud Storage and Ransomware – Dropbox WILL NOT Protect you.

I was recently asked if cloud storage products like Dropbox or Google Drive would keep your data safe. The answer is NO.  Cloud storage by Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and others are great tools. I highly recommend them and use them myself. However, you cannot view them as a safe haven for your data. They are intended to help you share files, they are not backup tools. All three create a folder on your computer which syncs with the…


Ransomware Update – It HAS NOT been stopped.

If you watched or read yesterday’s news you probably saw a story about some guy who found a simple way to stop the spread of the new ransomware virus. This was an extremely misleading story and made it sound like the threat had been stopped. This is not true. The fix put in place was extremely easy to bypass by the virus’s creators and only worked for a short time. The ransomware virus has already been fixed and released again,…


Massive Ransomware Wave – EXTREMELY IMPORTANT

This is extremely important information for both your home and your work computers. Please take the time to read all of it and make sure you understand it. Contact me if you need more info or have a question. And by the way – Macs are NOT immune.  FYI – If you are not backing up your files you are playing Russian Roulette with your data every single time you open an email. I highly recommend that you assess your current…