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Small Business – Update Links that Work!

As a small business owner I live in fear of my employees actions during their breaks and lunch hours. With so many fake sites, pop ups, and emails with viruses attached it’s almost impossible to prevent our computers from getting infected. Thank you Blue Marble for providing us with a safe place to find the updates and links we need without having to guess which one is the update we want and which one is just another advertisement. Our…


No Fear Updates!

I have been really afraid to trust anything that pops up on my screen so I was starting to have trouble playing videos or watching news stories. Your site allowed me to find safe update links I know I can trust, the peace of mind is worth the low price of membership!


Great Value, Simple and Afforable!

Thanks for a simple, easy to follow setup booklet for Gmail. I didn’t want to buy a whole book, and with so many viruses and scams on the Internet it’s hard to know who and what to trust. I signed up for your premium membership too, great info!