And…. still no Comcast Internet.

Still no Comcast Internet access at the Kennel or house. The fourth tech in 10 days has now come out and supposedly the ticket has been escalated to “Maintenance”, whatever that means, but I have heard nothing at all since. The tech verified that the issue is not in my house. He did re-provision my modem (which is the third modem that’s been installed) Monday afternoon and my connection did come up, but it went back down again after about 48 hours. So, we’re still in the same spot.

I managed to get a phone number that directs me to a level that seems to be higher than first tier support, and when I called them after the tech left on Monday they verified that the ticket was escalated as I was told. However, when I called again today, the woman said there was no way he could have verified that it had been escalated. This is part of the issue – every person I talk to seems to have no idea what’s been done already, what the history of the issue is, etc. It’s like I’m starting from scratch with each call.One also claims something the other says is impossible, so is one of them lying to me to just get off the phone or, is Comcast’s customer service so truly disorganized and disconnected that they truly don’t know what’s right or wrong?

With a business, a non-profit animal rescue attached to my house which depends on the Internet for all rescue postings, adoption applications and communications the Internet has to work. There have already been several missed adoption opportunities and multiple missed communications which have resulted in one lost client. Then of course I work from home several days a week and also need to be able to remote in to my clients at night to perform my own job. I am so far behind it’s not funny, and have had several times when outages in the middle of a job resulted in me having to get up at 4:00am to drive out to a client’s office to finish it before they opened their doors in the morning.

The thing I am dumbfounded by is the complete lack of continuity and communication within the organization. They use subcontractors who keep no records of what was done so every time one comes out he has no idea of what the last one did. I’ve watched four techs walk in to my office, replace the same splitter, replace the same cable, reboot the modem, run the same tests and leave. Every single time I call in I have to explain the entire thing over again. I can’t even begin to imagine what this costs the company in parts and fees when one, or I’ll even give you two, visit by the sub should have been enough. I should have been able to hear the representative read back my account and repair history when I called in, again, instead of having to tell the story again and again.

Any other company would have been out of business. The even worse thing is that every single person I have talked to in the last three weeks who has a Comcast account has said the same thing. They have not had problems on the same scale as me but they have had the same treatment from customer service. Everyone of them felt it was the very worst experience they have ever had in dealing with a company.

There is no way a company with customer service this bad could possibly survive without being a monopoly. Do they just not care? People have long memories when they are treated badly. Eventually another option will come along and people will leave Comcast behind. Personally I would rather have a 6 Mb connection that works than a 60Mb connection that doesn’t and if they don’t get this sorted out soon, that will be my only hope. I will have no choice but to cancel. And that will bite them in the butt because I will cancel my home service which is a measly $250 a month, but I will also jump ship at the business where I am the IT Director and take $5000 worth of connectivity to another vendor. And, I will also stop recommending Comcast to my clients.

As I said, I have never seen a company with worse customer service. Do they really, truly just not care?